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I think that the better educated the patient is, the better they'll be able to make the right decision."
...Hakan Demir
For over 24 years as a Plastic Surgeon in Antalya, Dr. Demir has provided incomparable aesthetic surgical support to valley residents. 
He also has had the privilege of caring for patients from around the country and around the world, from places such as Germany, the U.S. east coast,
to as far away as Israel, Italy, and Great Britain. As a full-service cosmetic enhancement facility, available treatments ensure patient's confidence
in having found a home for all their elective surgery needs.
Heading a 5-member professional team comprised of nurses, medical assistants and administrative staff,
Dr. Demir's practice performs a full spectrum of procedures. Always sensitive to the needs of his patients, 
Dr. Demir strives to maintain a high standard of low stress service access. Along with a friendly, family type environment,
Dr. Demir's practice takes their customized service to yet another level.
This enables him to analyze clients' needs from a purely artistic perspective.
As a rule, Dr. Demir and his staff log in excess of 60 hours a year for training in new technologies, such as new types of laser surgery and liposuction.
Dr. Demir is a dynamic force in the medical community,
Dr. Demir is a Plastic Surgeon in Antalya, Board Certified in Plastic Surgery 
Dr. Demir takes beauty, seemingly only skin deep to some, to a purely unique level.



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